What started as a jumpers for goalposts kick about between friends has now become a massive and hotly-contested full day tournament with over 80 teams competing.

From Central London Hotel front of house teams and brigades of kitchen-hardened chefs to teams from contract caterers and restaurants the tournament is a celebration of the beautiful game and our fantastic industry. 

Book now to register your team. you can field a squad of up to 15 players. All must be over 18 years old 

We have a fantastic ground with competition standard 7 a side pitches.

The tournament consists of 10 min group matches, 15 min knockout stages followed by a 20 min final.

The cost is £650 per team, to get started click below.

Football Tournament
  • Teams must nominate a captain (usually the person making the booking)
  • Squads can be up to 15 members, and players can be changed right up until match day
  • All players must have appropriate kit, including shin pads
  • You will also be asked to nominate a senior manager from within your business to participate in a top-secret Hospitality Action fundraising event on the day. We can't promise they will be clean and dry by the end of the challenge.
£ 650.00 +VAT (20%)

Sign up for the hottest contest in hospitality for just £650 per squad of 15 players

Compete for one of 6 trophies

Running around a field having paint thrown at you, what's not to love?

Tickets just £25 including a T-shirt, medal, and paint

Nothing says summer more than a softball tournament

Teams of 15 players just £550 per team

Music, food, kids entertainment and of course bars! Kick back and enjoy the last rays of summer. Free tickets, just sign up, you may even win an iPhone X.